This is a complete list of my publications and theses, mostly academic, on a range of topics in Classical and Strategic Studies. I’ve also included several opinion pieces for your interest. Most are downloadable here as .pdf files. If you have any difficulty accessing these, please let me know.

Stratford, J. The Voice of Achilles: Communication, Self and Spectacle in Homer’s Iliad (PhD Thesis), University of Melbourne (2010).

Stratford, J. ‘Communication and Crisis in Iliad 1,’ Iris, 23, (2010) 26-35.

Stratford, J. ‘In Medea Res: Restaging Euripides on the Global Stage,’ Pharos, Winter 2010 (forthcoming).

Stratford, J.  A Nuclear Middle East? A Rogue by any other name, November 1, 2007.
Stratford, J, Coming in from the Cold with North Korea, July 26, 2007.
Stratford, J. The Death of the Warrior Hero in Homer’s Iliad and Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai
Stratford, and Richiardi Interview, 60 seconds with… University of Melbourne Voice,
Stratford et al. China Report, Issues and Insights, Pacific Forum CSIS, Feb. 2007.
Stratford, J. ‘From War Heroes to Sporting Heroes: a Brief Study of the Transformation of the War Hero into a Sporting Hero in Iliad 22 and 23,’ Bulletin of the Australian Society for Sports History, 36 (2002), 5-10, August 2002.
Stratford, J. The Function of Absence in the Iliad and Apu Sansar, (Honours Thesis), University of Melbourne, 1999.

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