A New Approach

In just over a week I’m riding the first of a series of rides in the Netti Challenge series. First up is the Marysville Lake Mt Challenge. There are a few course options, but my mate who signed me up put us in for the longest one, 160km. Only the long course includes tackling the HC graded Lake Mt climb, which you might recall from my last post is just over 20km and ascends almost 1000m.

Is this the kind of ride you need to train for? it sure is. Odds are, going at a good speed we’ll be in the saddle for over 6hrs and maybe half of that will be climbing. Training has been going very well for months now.

Then I went for a swim.

Well not a swim actually. Just playing in the water. Innocent fun. At least I thought so at the time. But the next day I was in increasing pain and that night I could barely move an inch without being in loads of pain. A midnight trip to the kitchen to try to find something for the pain ended with me passed out on the floor and there I stayed for the rest of the night. No fun.

So training has taken a twist. Basically, no riding. That’s my training. A couple of weeks ago this would have driven me crazy. Being back at work now, I’m actually appreciating the break. Having done so much riding and quite a few rides like this, I know I don’t actually need to do any riding to get into the form necessary. Rather my strategy is to rest, give myself the most time I can to heal. I’ll go for a couple of gentle rides before the event just to make sure it’s all ok.

I’m looking forward to a new kind of ride. Less pressure, more relaxed, faster sometimes, slower other times. It’s about enjoying the ride. That’s it.

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