My son and my bike

My son loves my bikes. Actually he doesn’t just love the bikes he loves everything associated with them. He loves my bike shoes, clean or dirty, he doesn’t mind. He loves my gloves, my cap and anything else he can get his hands on. Several times throughout the day he wants to go and see them all in the spare room. For those new to this blog, I should tell you Will is only 10 months old. So if he sees the door to the bike room even slightly open, he’s off like a shot! I never knew babies could crawl so fast! That means we run too. Lots of old steel and Italian carbon at stake, not to mention the obvious.

He even likes bikes on TV. During the Tour de France we watched the morning updates together, pointing out the different bikes and cheering ‘Go Cadel’!

I can’t quite remember when this started. I like to think it’s because he associates it with my coming home but it is more likely that it’s just because the bike is such an interesting object in its own right, all those spokes, the greasy chain and cogs, just waiting for a clean babies hands. Whenever I come home I’m greeted with glowing smiles and waves, but then it’s all business. Will wants the bike! Off he goes! In moments he’s proudly standing up holding onto the wheels or the fork as happy as can be. This will continue until I move it into the other room out of harm’s way.

I neglected to add that he also likes to take my drink bottle. I keep an empty one for him to play with. Recently though, he’s started drinking water and guess where he wants it from? That’s right, my water bottle. And not the play one, but the one I actually use. So now when I get back from a ride I quickly clean the bottle and put some water in it for him. Then he’s happy. It’s such a lovely, quirky thing sharing this with him, I don’t know if anyone will be able to relate. But yesterday, when we were playing I was just thinking of all the beautiful surprises that we get as parents, experiences I could never have imagined a couple of years ago when I was blogging on the trials of a PhD student. How the journey has changed, how much richer and even more extraordinary has it become.


4 thoughts on “My son and my bike

  1. Parenthood I think is a miracle and a great great experience. I don’t think human kind can craft or deliver such beautiful experiences as ‘nature’ can. Enjoy it! 🙂

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