Awakening to the Hero Within You: the Moment of Change

Most of the time I stress the long-term processes of transformation; the journey, the quest of the hero. It’s a model that reflects the nature of life and our need to respond, learn, and adapt to the ups and downs and to ultimately come to terms with the nature of life and death. When we’re serious about creating lasting change, whether it’s to do with our health, relationships, career or anything else – we know that it’s the quality of our habits, the choices we make day in day out that will determine whether we build the of deeply fulfilled life or something else.

But even within this lifelong pattern change can come in an instant like a strike of lightening. Years of living in the shadows can be ended in a moment of awakening.


Lightning (Photo credit: -Qualsiasi)

People often confuse awakening with the beginning of a period of ease, or a kind of ‘happily ever after’. There might be ease in the sense that there is less resistance, but really nothing could be further from the truth – it’s the start of the real work. Awakening is simply that initial recognition of internal power – that moment when you see the truth of your own true power, your heroic essence. After this though, the work continues. More than that, it usually gets much harder because you actually start tackling those things that have been avoided or resisted. But because you have started to take ownership of your power this is work you will begin to embrace, knowing that it is essential to your being.

The moment of awakening can come in an infinite number of form, from people you know and complete strangers, people who love you and those that don’t. It can be a scare or it can be an exciting revelation like a moment of inspiration. It’s different for everybody. The only reliable thing is that it will most likely not come at a time of your choosing. It will most likely be inconvenient. It will be a surprise, ready or not!

So are you ready?

9 thoughts on “Awakening to the Hero Within You: the Moment of Change

  1. I think I had one of those ‘awakening’ moments today. Was trying to plot a novel with a friend but realized I’m going to have to sweat out this fleshing process. I’ll get there, most likely on my own b/c no can envision what I want (even when my vision isn’t quite there yet). James, if you got what I intended, you’re even more awesome than I originally thought, lol.

  2. I was hit by a lightning bolt…on the North Shore of Kauai. And, you’re absolutely right…that was just the beginning of the work. But, it’s oh-so-worth the work. 🙂

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