What You Focus on Creates your Experience.

Perception has a huge part in shaping the way we experience life. What we perceive and how we make sense of this is influenced by a huge number of variables – what we like, where we were born, how old, beliefs, values. You name it. The thing is though, that it is something we can influence, we can pick up on useful random elements in our environment and make them useful to us, and we can even fine-tune our perception filters to bring into sharper definition those things we particularly want. Let me explain a bit.

Every day the universe provides the messages that we need – well maybe not quite but that’s what it seems like sometimes. It can be as simple as seeing a movie and having a particular line or scene resonate more deeply. Or it might be an image or piece of text somewhere in the street that resonates with us as if it had been positioned there just for us. It might be in a book which you pick up randomly, or in a piece of music. Sometimes, it’s in the conversation of others.

Not so long ago I was at my usual cafe having my morning coffee. At a table nearby two guys were talking. It was busy so I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I was also writing in my journal at the time. Just as I put my journal away, I heard one guy say to the other, “you know you always do your best work when you’re happy” or words to that effect. The strange thing was, I could hear it as clearly as if he had said it directly in my ear. It was exactly what I needed to be reminded of. Now of course, he wasn’t talking to me, but I was receptive to it as if it was and this meant that I paid attention to it rather than just dismissing it as a random sound or advice to someone else.

There’s an element of synchronicity to this, at least that’s what it feels like. When I was in Europe a couple of years ago I was looking into whether I could get a passport from Malta. Over the next few weeks, I started seeing signs for Malta everywhere. I know it’s also like this when you start looking for all kinds of things. If you become interested in a particular make and model of car or a type of architecture, odds are because your attention is tuned to noticing it you’ll start seeing this all over the place.

 The thing is, these messages are constantly circulating for all of us. Depending on our mindset at the time, different messages will stand out. You experience this whenever you read a great book. On every read, you’ll bring a slightly different mindset and so you’ll be receptive to different aspects of the text. You’ll notice some things that you missed last time, and things you thought important before will have a different significance. This happens every time I read the Iliad or watch The Lord of the Rings. The message I get will vary with my own stage – where I’m at in my own journey.

So, just for fun over the next few days notice which messages are standing out to you. Think back over the movies you’re watching and note down the lines that stuck in your head. Make notes of anything else you can interpret as a message. The next step is to relate these to your present experience and the questions that you’re thinking about, or the challenges you’re facing.

At the very least, this exercise will assist in raising your conscious awareness of your surroundings, and the influences that fill your world. Used consciously, this becomes an exercise on focus, as we realise that what we focus on actually becomes a bigger part of our experience. The opportunities we want, the people we want to meet, are all right there, all around us, but we have to tune-in, to focus, in order to bring them into our field of conscious awareness and experience.

12 thoughts on “What You Focus on Creates your Experience.

  1. That is a great post James, I loved every word written. And it’s so true! Since I started my own blog here, only 2 weeks ago lots of things have changed already, it’s amazing and I’m going to post about it 😉 One funny example, I need money in my life, I went on the internet as I do everyday, and read great articles and posts. One of them was about attracting money on the street… I loved it… When I was feeling better I used to find a lot of bottles, in my country you get money for them if you return the bottle(s), it’s not much but better than nothing 😉 Since things went not so well for me I didn’t find any bottle… but guess what, now that i’m actively changing my mindset, my focus… this week I found several bottles hehehehe… won’t make me rich, but it’s manifested and if I can manifest bottles that make me a few bucks I could perhaps find coins of more value or even euro bills 😀

    Or other ways to open abundance… My energy has changed already, it’s amazing. And thanks for your great post, a sweet reminder to me, I’m going to practise!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience as well. The shift in energy is always the key. And while the bottles won’t make you rich, this mindset, seeing opportunity and abundance in the little things all around us which most people just ignore is at one with essence of great transformation and great wealth. You know, Steve Jobs, the co-creator of Apple used to collect bottles to get by while he sat in on college lectures – so you’re in good company!

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  3. You are so right Doctor,
    We continuously are receive these “gifts” – but most of the time we are blind unfortunately.
    To become aware of these gifts is the first step – the second step could be to question ourselves if these gifts want to share a “message” with us in a symbolic way.
    The symbolic meaning or interpretation that is meant for us at that specific moment.

    • Thanks for your comment. I couldn’t agree more. Despite the power of traditional and historically proscribed systems of meaning, I believe that the real symbolic power or interpretation is that which we give it, hence different people can draw different messages from the same object or sign. JS

  4. Thank you so very much for your well presented article.. I speak often about perception, & how we differ as individuals… and how perception varies from person to person… love it … Sometimes I wonder how they arrived at the definition of sanity & insanity ?

    • Indeed, though I think there is a distinction between perception and sanity. Some people make the mistake of confusing different points of view and beliefs as signs of insanity. I’m sure many others have thought and written on this. If I have any more to add on the distinction I’ll get back to you 🙂 JS

  5. Nice post! I feel like these sorts of things are on the increase for me and for my friends as well–we find ourselves talking about these synchronicities more and more, and taking the lessons and messages that they are bringing us. These events always make me smile, and it gives me the sense that this is a big way that the Universe is playing with us, feeding our joy and curiosity at the texture of our experience.

  6. You know what the funny thing is … in uni (long ago now) I was looking for links between dyslexia and schizotypy. As part of this I had to run my subjects through a schizotypal personality questionnaire. One of the things that gave you a higher score, identifying you as more schizotypal was …. finding ‘signs’ in the world at large and assuming they were messages for you! Well lock me up Doc, I’m right up there with the high scorers! 😉 – R

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