Strike while the iron is hot

Ophelia, oil on canvas, size: 49 x 29 in

Ophelia, oil on canvas, size: 49 x 29 in (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I wrote about consistency and the habits of choice that we have that shape our lives. Well I want to briefly share my thoughts on something related to this.

When I look back over the last 20 years of my life, I see it punctuated by moments of clarity, moments of courage and joy. Many of these have no lasting legacy. But sometimes, when my eyes and ears where open and the stars had aligned somehow, I would use this energy, this life force, to do what I might normally be too afraid to do. Asking out Ophelia ten years back is the best example of this. Other times I used this to make other great connections, to put my self and my work into the world with a spirit of enthusiasm, joy and love.

You see I don’t think I’m a particularly courageous person on an average day. But there are two things I have learned: first is that when I really need it that courage is there in spades; and second, is that when we get them, it’s important to take advantage of a good burst of energy and confidence to do those things that we know we will normally struggle with and resist.

To me this is really about learning to live in harmony with ourselves and our creative cycles. In ancient Greek this Is living kata phusin, according to nature. I used to really try to force my way through life sometimes (actually I still do sometimes) and this was like getting fruit from a tree in the middle of winter. It just doesn’t work.
So my question for you is, what season are you in? Every season has its functions and it’s limitations. And remember, while it’s fine to enjoy the Spring, it’s also the best time to get out there, to create and promote your work, to make new connections or transform existing ones. When we acknowledge these and work with them we make life much easier for everyone.


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