Live Now! Dare to go for your Dream

We all have dreams. We all have a vision of the life we want to create. It might be creating a beautiful property for the family in the country, or becoming a writer or musician, a rock star. Maybe it’s opening your own business, or taking a year-long world global adventure. Maybe you have a passion for success in elite sport, or you want to become a leader of your community. Maybe you have a dream about developing some great new technology that will change the world.

The interesting thing that I find about most dreams is that attaining them requires confronting those things that we are most afraid of. The reality of the dream will present new levels of responsibility, more complexity and challenges at an altogether higher dimension. Of course, in most cases, the journey gives us many opportunities to develop these areas gradually. But sometimes there are big leaps as well. This is so common that I’ve come to believe that if your dream doesn’t require you to confront at least some fears then odds are it might not really be your dream at all.

The great thing about this is that when you make the leap, whether you succeed or not, you have already succeeded in breaking through the limits that your fears and your old beliefs maintain. This is the hardest part done, well almost anyway. The most important thing is that fear will never have the same power again. What’s more, you’ll be one step closer to understanding the illusory nature of fear itself and this will help you in facing and dissolving other fears on the journey – and you can be sure that there will be others to face.

There’s another thing. As you see through the illusion and the guardians of your fears reveal themselves as the scared and vulnerable aspects of your mind, you will actually awaken to a greater version of your self – a self that is more at one with the nature of the universe, ready to let go of the need to control the uncontrollable, to accept what is. A self that is more courageous while at the same time needing less courage.

No matter what your dream is, muster up all your courage and all your passion and make the leap. You’re alive now, in this very moment – cherish this. Seize the moment with both hands and go for it. Make a deep commitment to your dream, to giving it your best, and be ready to respond to the opportunities that the universe sends your way. Take action.

What is your dream and what is one thing you can do right now to start your journey towards achieving it?

I invite you to share your dream, or if you have already achieved one (odds are, you have if you really think about it), share your story below.


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