Stop Giving Your Power Away

Each and every one of us is the centre of power for our own life. It’s that simple. But all too often we give that power away – to the government, the church, our partners, our parents, our children, our boss, you name it. What do I mean? I mean that we hand responsibility for our life to others. We expect others to fix our life, to make us happy, to return us to health, to make our lives the way we want it. We hand over the power of decision. Sometimes we don’t feel ready for the responsibilities we’re presented with. Other times, we’re even conned into giving our power away. We’re persuaded that real power is with someone or something out there. The fact is that your power is right here. It’s in you. It is you. The energy of life, surrounds us, and fills each and every one of us for every second of our lives. Living and being conscious of this energy, is the most precious gift. The moment you accept that you have power you will also recognise that this comes with responsibility that belongs to none other but you. You have the power to see and change thought. You have the power to forgive and act with kindness, or feel compassion, to love. To what end you direct this power is up to you. So my message is, stop giving your power away. Stop and feel it, start living with it, and seize this day and every day to celebrate life. 

PS. The image above is of one of my favourite pieces of ancient Greek sculpture. It also reminds me of one of my most vivid and powerful dreams in which I was given a large black horse. When I got onto it we started to gallop until we started to fly. Even thinking of the dream now I can recall the sensation of power and flight.

6 thoughts on “Stop Giving Your Power Away

  1. Too right James. Love the horse dream, too. For many cultures the horse was appreciated as a symbol of power. Accepting responisbility for who and where we are is a great, immediate way to get back in touch with that feeling. It’s all too easy to lose. Good reminder!

  2. Well said, James! I have always believed that we, each one of us, possess an amazing amount of untapped power and ability from within…which explains why ordinary people can do extraordinary things. We simply need to harness it , believe in it and take ownership of it . Carpe Diem!

  3. Great post, James. I wish more folks were aware of that of which they’re capable–if only they look inside!

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