Recovery after Surgery – Getting Back into Action

This is just a quick one, but I wanted to do a follow-up to a piece I posted three weeks ago on recovering after surgery, in which I shared some insights based on my own experience and the strategies that were working for me. If you missed it, check it out here.

Today I had my post-op review. It was actually really good going back to the hospital. Most importantly I was able to go up and say thanks to the fantastic nurses who took such great care of me. I’d been meaning to do this since I returned home but this was the perfect time. I wasn’t expecting it, but this, combined with the clean bill of health from my surgeon, gave me this great feeling of closure. I felt quite elated actually.

The good news is that I can start cycling again. Inside, I’m chafing at the bit to go, and I know my mind is in the right place – strong enough to go slow at first so that my body can catch up. Having made big strides in my own performance up until the surgery, I know that with regular training and by building up in increments I’ll be back to where I was in a few weeks. Before long I’ll be setting my sights on goals that I had before the operation.

Knowing myself though, I know I will have to remind myself to go even slower sometimes.  I still have to remember to be realistic in the goals I set myself – to set myself up to win the mental and physical game each and every day.  I will be tempted to judge my performance on pre-op standards. While this might be a good intermediate bench-mark to aim for, I simply need to do my best on the day – some days this will be more, some days less. When I have days where I feel less than fantastic, I have to remind myself to be kind and loving to myself. Some days the body just wants to, and needs to, actually rest. The emphasis is on whole body-mind-life wellness, and keeping up habits of body and mind that contribute toward building and maintaining this.

So, with the new week, a new phase begins…  and the journey continues.


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