We’re having a boy!

I’m very excited to share our wonderful news that we are having a baby boy. This has got to be the most exciting day of my life! This is going to be an amazing journey. It’s such an honour to bring a new life into the world. I already know I have so much that I want to share with him, and that he will teach me so much. So many experiences, and opportunities to grow, to play and just revel in the joy of living. I feel deeply grateful, proud and humbled at the same time!

5 thoughts on “We’re having a boy!

  1. Awesome happy news (which of course it would have been regardless of the gender!). Becoming a dad has been the deepest pleasure of my life, James. All the best wishes to you and Ophelia!

  2. Fantastic news Old Boy. Delighted for you and Ophelia.



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