The First step in Cultivating True Wealth and Abundance

Your reality at this point in time is the perfect result of everything that you have thought, believed, perceived, and done to this point in time.

The degree to which your reality does not meet your ideal projection (I “should” have a better body, more money, etc.), will to a large degree influence how happy you are now and your overall quality of life.

This mismatch between our perceived reality and our ideal one will also drive behaviours that take us further away from where we want to be rather than taking us to our desired conditions.

The key here is perception – the way we see our life and the world around us – what we notice, and give focus and meaning to, and what we look past or take for granted.

Unhappiness and discontent are driven by not seeing what is and expecting them to be other they are. Conversely, the first key to returning to a place of deep happiness and contentment also relies on making shifts in perception – first coming to an awareness of how we are actually seeing things, and then choosing to see things differently.

A person may have great material wealth, but if they exist in a constant state of wanting, and if they feel poor, then the reality they experience is one of poverty, regardless how it looks to observers.

True wealth is grown not from the experience of poverty, but the awareness of inner wealth that is acknowledged and expressed in the world through acts of giving, service, and creation. It is created from the initial recognition that you are at this moment already very wealthy, whether you like it or not. Your ability to experience and enjoy this will be greatly shaped by the degree to which you’re able to see this right now.

If you find this difficult to believe, that’s fine. But I invite you to play along with me a bit further and consider: If wealth wasn’t only measured in dollars, where do you experience abundance in your life? What is there plenty of? It might be a kind of skill, or knowledge, maybe you have a huge social network, maybe you’re bursting with energy.

Odds are you haven’t thought about this as wealth before.

Now complete this with as many versions as possible

“I am rich in…”


I am rich in books!

I am rich in knowledge about plants (not really!)

I have an abundance of great people in my life

I have an abundance of great ideas and visions

You get the idea.. Have fun with this. Only you can limit the wealth you are willing to recognise.


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