How to Transform Crisis into Celebration

Recognising lessons to be learned in hindsight is one thing. Learning how to recognise lessons while they are unfolding in our own lives is another altogether. It is this that is necessary for profound and lasting transformation. It’s a process that can be applied to any part of our life. It’s a process that we can all engage in to transform our lives and even our world, step by step.

I’ll let you in on something that I do habitually. It’s a practice that has had profound impact on my life, and it’s one that has helped me literally turn crises into celebrations, sometimes with amazing speed.

I say thank you.

That’s how it starts. Very simple, yes?

Having been on the roller-coaster for a little while now, I’ve come to know that every crisis I’ve ever experienced has opened up opportunities and experiences so much greater than I could have ever dreamed. Essentially, I’ve learned to be grateful for the crises as profoundly rich experiences from which we can learn and grow, and ultimately experience more of our selves. Knowing this, and feeling this gratitude, in the middle of crisis is key. It almost instantly changes our emotions around the event and opens up more resourceful ways of being that equip us to deal with it in the most constructive and positive way. For me, one aspect of this gratitude, comes from my belief that I am in the middle of a lesson (or a maybe a few) if I am able to be present enough to actually go through it properly. So, one question I will often ask myself is “what can I learn from this?”  and “What are the gifts being offered to me?

Sometimes, this is enough. Even saying thank-you, and feeling it is enough. It is immensely powerful. If we are able to remember to do this, we’re already in a great place to move forward. In fact, we already have started.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, are those times when we deny that there is even a situation that needs to be dealt with at all. This kind of thinking only understands pain and crisis as negative and so we are unable to say thank-you for the challenging gifts that life presents us. It indicates that we are not actually mindful of the unlimited creative power that is available to us, not just at this time but always. So, we put off dealing with the situation.

From this place of gratitude, acceptance and present awareness, we are in the best position to look at our situation clearly to clarify:

Where are we? What is the situation? If you can, quantify it. Don’t judge it, just quantify?

How did we get where we are? What beliefs, actions, and choices have we taken to create this Conversely, what have we chosen, not to believe, and chosen not to do? These last ones will be the first clues to what needs to be changed, both at a core level, and at the level of action.

This is the heart of the creative experience, because it is here in this moment of potential that we can start to shape with our minds first the reality we with to create and experience for ourselves, our families, and our world.

From here, we simply start to do the first thing that we can that will take us toward our vision. It will probably be something small, something simple – something you can do right now.

We all have the power to create the change we desire in our lives and in our world  if we are ready to wake up to it, and take responsibility for it.

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