True Happiness and Wealth begins in our ability to appreciate the present moment

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Jon Kabat-Zinn (Photo credit: Mari Smith)

Regret is a very powerful kind of awareness, especially if we learn from it. If we don’t it can become just another type of indulgence that is no good for us at all.

Let’s face it, on our deathbed (if we have such a thing) odds are we won’t regret not buying this or that. One of the biggest things might be regretting not having been more attentive, more present to the life we’ve had. We’ll be thinking about the opportunities that we have had to experience love, to really be with those we love, and the many other blessings that have filled our lives – but mostly just to appreciate being alive now. This is the source of all true wealth and happiness.

Now, I’m not that old, but I know well how if you close your eyes (metaphorically speaking) time flies by. It can’t be re-lived again. All we can do is choose, consciously to be more present in the time we have right now, regardless of what our busy little minds are telling us. This is what Mindfulness is about, cultivating our ability to be in the moment. Jon Kabat Zinn, likens meditation to tuning the instrument, living mindlessly is then like rushing out to play your guitar before its properly tuned. You might hit the right strings, have perfect timing and feel, but the whole thing will be off. So, take time to tune your instrument, your mind, before playing the greatest concert of all – your life!

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