One of the most important shifts that usually happens with coaching is that we develop a heightened awareness of our responsibility. We recognize that we are responsible for all our actions and their results.

Usually we tend to fall either side of this. Either we refuse to accept responsibility or we take too much. In the first case, we will tend to blame others. In the second, we will feel responsible for events that are beyond our control, ie. what other people say and do.

Of course though, as adults we are responsible for those we care for, chiefly our children and those whose actions are determined or influenced by us.

But the general rule is that we cannot be responsible for the choices and actions of others, whether we like it or not. We can only be responsible for our own actions.

Usually I find that people who take too much responsibility for others do so out of love. But it’s also indicative of a real lack of belief in the other person and their capacity to learn for themselves. This can manifest as interference or even non-intervention. They will jump in to save the other person before they’ve had a chance to save themselves thus disempowering them, or they will just wait for disaster to happen for one reason or another, (though it won’t be expressed like this).

To me, this comes back to treating ourselves and each other with respect.

So I want to ask you how could you treat yourself and those around you with even more respect?

If you were being respectful, what would you be doing more or less of? What would you be doing differently?

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