Know your Foundation

What is the foundation of your life? This is not a trick question. There is no right or wrong answer. The thing is, we often fill our lives with so much stuff that it’s easy to lose sight of the essential stuff that makes us special, that makes us human.

In my favourite book, Homer’s Iliad, we see how during Achilles’ prolonged period of intense suffering he cuts himself of from the basic elements of his life – he doesn’t fight and he cuts himself off from his community. But at an even more essential level, he denies himself sleep, food, and sex.The embassy to Achilles (book 9 of the Iliad):...

So, there are really two main levels. One is about our place in the world, and the other is about our essential or core needs.

So, when everything stops, what needs to be there to so you feel alive? I thrive when I have positive interactions with people. This is why I plan to have these on most days. So I’ll start by going to one of my favourite coffee bars. When I’m coming out of a very quiet period this is also where I will start from, by interacting more, doing more in person work with clients and students. Also I know that if I stop this I will become unhappy and unhealthy after a shot while.

Then there are the really core needs – sleep, sex, food, water.

It’s not rocket science is it?

So, what is your day or week incomplete without?


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