The Success Formula

It is common to think about success as some kind if mystery. Some want to leave it to chance, others are convinced that some people are simply born to be fortunate. Some believe success only happens to others, so they rarely even make an attempt or if they do they will be put off at the first challenge. But there is a very simple formula for success and it has four essential parts:

1. You need to have a compelling vision. This is the first requirement. With it you be able to persist when things get challenging. You’ll be able to move mountains because you’re there for the long haul and not the fast buck. Without it you’re certain to give up long before you have reached your goal. How do you know if you have a compelling vision? Simple. It makes you feel different. It fills you with a sense of purpose, of mission. When you tell people about it you will probably light up the room with your excitement.

2. You need to be able to identify and resolve the root causes of failure and unhappiness so that you stay on track. There are often deep-seated emotional issues or limiting beliefs generated from past events. These beliefs, usually without us knowing it, have a habit of taking us away from where we want to go. Without this self-awareness you will certainly repeat the same patterns that have sabotaged your best efforts.

3. You need to become aware of and learn to draw on existing core strengths while developing others necessary for your task. It’s surprising how few people really see just how amazing and powerful they really are. This relates back to number 2.

3. You need the right support – people see the greatness in you and who will challenge your limited notions of who you think you are when you’re down or when the ego is out of control. These are the people who want to celebrate your victories with you and who will always make you feel great about who you are. With them you know you are supported and loved whether you succeed or not.

4. Fourth and finally, you must take whatever action is required to progress along the path, whether you feel like it or not. Every great goal will require doing things you don’t necessarily like, but if the goal is inspiring enough, if you are mindful of your limiting beliefs and behaviours, if you have the right support during rough and smooth, then you are setting your self up to succeed.

There are certainly more details, but these are the essentials. What are you waiting for?


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