Taking the Path of Least Resistance

Often it happens that we find ourselves getting stuck, or hitting the proverbial brick wall. It becomes all too easy to focus on what is not working, on the problems. When this happens, even if we normally love what we’re doing, our actions become heavy and ‘effortfull.’ The privilege becomes a burden. We have all had plenty of experience of this in different parts of our lives. What is also true is that we also have plenty of experience of the opposite, when things just flow.

It strikes me that it would make things a whole lot more enjoyable, even the challenges, if we could look at how we think and what do in these times when everything just works beautifully and then apply this to the other parts outlives where we experience more difficultly.

Here are a few points to get the ball rolling.

When life is flowing well I:

1. Focus on opportunities
2. Focus on what is working
3. Focus on what feels right
4. Focus on what I can do now
5. I adapt to the demands of the immediate situation

Have a go at applying this to something you are finding more difficult. Notice what changes, and if you like, share your experience with others here.

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