The Secret to the Vision Board

Last year my wife and I started our vision board. In no time it was full of expensive toys, beautiful homes, etc.. There were also images that related to the things we wanted to experience, places we wanted to go, skills we wanted to learn etc.

Now don’t underestimate the power of images. If you want something enough to stick up pictures, and hold these in your mind then they are going to have a pretty powerful effect on your decision-making. Not so long ago, I wrote about the various parts of my life that are clear manifestations of powerful images held in my mind for many years, including parts of our home, and our car.

It’s easy to create a vision board in the likeness of a shopping list. But as they say, be careful what you ask for, because you usually get what you really want. I started to ask myself, do I really want the fancy things, or do I really want to develop those resources within me that will create a never ending river of abundance and life. This is what you could call a no-brainer. This is why lotto winners often end up in debt. They only know how to spend, rather than create with money, so they purchase lots of liabilities which they can’t afford.

So on the way to bringing your dreams into existance, don’t ask the universe to give you stuff. Instead ask the universe to teach you the skills, to help you become who you need to be in order that these material things when they come, are truly reflections of your most wonderful powers expressed through inspired and intelligent action.

Then you will have entered the very source of wealth and creation. Once this is so, the material life will only ever represent a fraction of the jewels that are within you, always. You will enjoy the fruits, but more importantly you will have mastered the orchard from which they have arisen.

2 thoughts on “The Secret to the Vision Board

  1. I like the angle you take. Using your vision board to focus on the skills (seeds) you need to manifest your goal (harvest the fruit) is really action oriented.

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