The Sky is the Limit

Are you living the life of your dreams? Are you living fully aware of your awesome power, dignity, and energy? Or are you living a shadow life where you feel stuck, and confused, like life is always a struggle just to get the basics?

The fact is that whichever you identify with, you can benefit from coaching. Elite performers at the top of their game, whether in sports, business, or any other form of endeavor often work with coaches to find that extra edge. Think of an elite sprinter who needs an extra hundredth of a second to win Olympic gold, or the brilliant artist or creator looking for a new spark of fire, or a new way of thinking about their subject in order to make a genius breakthrough.

Many people grow up learning that they don’t and never will have this or that. This may be about relationships, or material things, money etc.. Maybe it’s about time, or health, or even spirit. Maybe you grew up believing that you didn’t deserve to get the love, success, and happiness that you wanted. Maybe you grew up with negative beliefs about success and money, or relationships and communication.

Practically everyone harbours limiting beliefs in some area of their life. Mostly we go on unaware of them. Even with these beliefs you might have dreams and desires, but you will be finding that you repeatedly sabotage your own efforts, or you let others sabotage them for you. This makes blaming someone else much easier, and thus the deferral of responsibility continues.

Becoming aware of any of these thoughts is like turning on a light in the dark corners of the mind. With the light of awareness, these old beliefs begin to dissolve and are replaced by the new beliefs that you create to support yourself in moving forward and creating the life of your dreams.

Change begins when you decide you’re not prepared to accept living life in the shadows. Change begins when you accept responsibility for your life, for the poor results that you’re getting. Change begins when you recognise that you and only you has the power to change your life – to live the life of your dreams right now.

My role as a coach is to guide you on this journey. In the coaching session I create and hold a space for you to discover your deepest powers. In this space you are completely protected. It’s a sublime experience because during the session you and your life are all that matter in the universe. In this space of power you have complete freedom to create yourself anew, a self full of radiant strength, power, and beauty. A self bursting with life and energy. A self that knows no limits.

If you are interested in stepping out of the shadows and living the life you deserve then I invite you to give me a call, or email me and we can have a chat about your situation. Email me at

If you prefer messaging I am also on skype. My Skype name is: stratfordkeys


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