Loving the Road to Success

I love a challenge. In addition to my coaching practice I’m also writing a PhD on the transformation of the hero. In the final months I’ve upped the stakes by setting a challenge for myself – to finish the penultimate draft by the end of August.

I’m no stranger to this kind of thing. I enjoy challenges. I enjoy succeeding, sure. But it’s the road to success that I love as well. And it’s only because I love the road itself that I keep looking for new chances to take it.

I love the road because it challenges me to step-up to a higher level of functioning. I start discovering resources that I have always had or cultivated long ago. I become aware of choices that I have every day that can take me closer to my mark or further away, and I become even more aware of the power that is in me when I take action by choosing the higher path.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share some of the strategies that work. Some of these will be to do with the performance mindset, but there will also be specific productivity and performance tips.

Have a great weekend.


By the way, I also share thoughts and strategies on Twitter, rather than telling you what I’m having for breakfast (unless it’s absolutely amazing!). To follow search for jamesstratford


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