Creation Part 1 – what do you really want?

When you look around you, taking in all the little details of your material environment, you’re looking at the work of creation. Every part of this arose in one place originally – the mind. Whether it’s the rig you’re standing on, the chair you’re sitting on, or any other thing, it first originated as a thought. The same goes for businesses, and other organisations. Each originally took form as an idea.

I was acutely aware of this in my childhood because I was always creating things. Like a lot of kids, I spent my time drawing and building things. My drive to draw better came in part from a desire to better express what I saw in my minds eye – what my mind had already created. I would be very happy if my drawing came close to this mental image, and very frustrated if it didn’t. I also spent many hours pouring over books that informed my mental images. My interest for a long time was military uniforms of the Napoleonic era, and after a few years I had a very detailed knowledge of these to draw upon (pardon the pun!). Later I turned my attention to drawing cars by studying my favourite designs. After a while I started to develop my own futuristic designs in a way that grew from my present-day inspirations.

It’s obvious now, and it was obvious to me then as well, but I forgot for a while that I was basically drawing the things I wanted to create. The drawings of uniforms also translated to real uniforms, as I inherited bits and pieces from my Grandfather. The cars I drew eventually became real cars – beginning with detailed plastic models, and then the real thing. The car I drive now is a car that I used to spend hours drawing. I used to draw lots of houses as well, and looking back over old sketches from twenty years ago, I see that the house we live in has some very similar design features, especially the big walls of glass looking out over the garden. This really is the law of attraction at work!

For a while I forgot this. I started to think that my drawing had to be about something. I forgot that drawing was one of my best tools for beginning the process of creating – taking the mental image and putting it on paper. In my confusion I sometimes wondered why I started to have difficulty drawing when I had no ideas. Then I realised that I had to have a clear idea in my mind first. It might evolve on paper, or in it’s physical form, but it had to start in the mind.

This is why it’s so important to really think in detail about what you want in life, whatever it is. If you just think in terms of the generic – ie. a house, a car etc. then at best you’ll only receive generic outcomes which are pretty boring and have little to do with you, that is of course, unless you happen to be a generic person. Maybe you are, but I doubt it.

Thinking about this takes time but this is golden time and it’s an investment in your future. Start, for example, imaging your dream home. You’ll have some ideas so start with them. As you start this, you’ll start looking for more ideas, more details to complete the picture. Sketch it. If you find pictures that are close to what you want then cut them out and put them up on your vision board.

Apply this process to anything you want, whether it is a job, a business you want to create, whatever it is. Don’t worry if the thing doesn’t exist yet. Odds are if you’re thinking about it, there are probably lots of other people also thinking this way and so it will soon come into being. It’s fine to also want things that also exist, but still be specific about them.

Maybe it’s an experience, a holiday, dancing lessons, or skydiving. Where is the holiday? What kinds of hotels would you like to stay in? Are your lessons anywhere specific, and what style are they in? They might be with an instructor in another country.

Start with one thing and just continue from there. This is an ongoing process, not a once-off event.

The life you create for yourself has no limits except those you define for it.


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