Stay True to your Course

Look around you. The place you’re in, what you’re wearing, the state of your health, your job and relationships, your bank balance and as many other details as you like. OK. These conditions were created by decisions made in the past, and they reflect past thought patterns and behaviours. Everywhere you look you can only see the past.

When you start increasing your self-awareness, through any means, it is quite common to experience a range of emotions about the life we’ve created for ourselves. There will be some things that you’re really proud of. I wrote about this only recently asking you about the the great decisions you’ve made in your life. There will also be results that you’re not as proud of. Being aware of this is really great. It’s like turning on the light in a dark room. It’s the beginning of change. But it will still take time for new results to be created. It will take time for your present and improved mindset to be reflected in your external life.

Some things take longer than others of course. Some things we can change in moments – really anything that we can actually do ourselves. If it’s dark and you stand up and turn on the light, the effect will be almost instant. If you kiss your loved one sitting next to you, the effect will also be instant. But other things take time. If you’ve taken control of the way you eat or use money, it will take time for your conditions, the shape of your body and bank balance, to reflect this. You might even find things get worse before they get better. Just say you have no savings and have just decided to start saving. That’s great, but 2 weeks into your new improved way of living, you get a massive bill which puts you deeper into the red. You see, the fact that your debt initially increases is because it takes time for the effects of your new strategy to accumulate.

So this is a reminder not to give in and to be patient. People who expect instant results, are setting themselves up for disappointment. If we are patient and we hold to what we know to be a new, more resourceful, healthier, and responsible way of living, the results will speak for themselves in the future. If you plant an oak seed in the ground do you stop watering it after 5 days because it isn’t the colossal tree on your vision board? Of course not, you hold to your vision and tend the tree until it has become that. Life is the same as this.

So keep tending the garden of paradise that is the life of your dreams and it will come to fruition, maybe not today, but soon.

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