Cultivate your Energetic Awareness

Different phases in our life require different types of energy, and different strategies to use this energy to gain the greatest effect. We all experience this, but sometimes we actually get in the way of our selves if we go against our natural energy.

At the beginning of the cycle we have a time of restoration, rest, and recharging. Your body and mind will just feel like resting, and operating at a lower tempo.

People who persist in maintaining a high level of activity will find themselves feeling as if they are running on empty. They will be operating from valuable energy stores, that our bodies require to operate basic day-to-day functions like digestion, and cell regeneration which is happening constantly. This is why people often become sick when they are feeling ‘run-down.’ Sickness in this case is the body basically taking control and saying – “If you’re not going to give me some rest them I’m taking charge and getting some anyway.”

For this reason, I don’t believe in taking meds during a cold, just so I can continue going to work. If I do get sick, I do my best to nurture my body back into health, with proper foods, lots of clean water, rest, and focusing on thoughts of health and vitality. Of course, I’m not perfect. I still have a tendency to fight the symptoms initially for a day or so. I’m getting better at listening to my body though and acting appropriately.

The next phase is one of renewed activity. It our energetic equivalent to Spring. The emphasis on getting things moving again – on gently getting back into our various activities, whether it be our work, creative projects, social interaction, and physical activity. This is a gentle form of energy. If you try and burst out of the gates from quiet period like a racehorse, odds are you’ll collapse after a brief sprint. If you’ve had a break from exercise, then you won’t be able to resume at the high point. After several days, or weeks off you literally have a different body. Muscles begin to waste after only 6 hours of rest. This is why a lot of people injure themselves trying to do too much too soon. Similar principles apply to all activity though, be it at work, or the studio, or reentering your social world. Be gentle and ease yourself into action slowly, just enjoying activity for its own sake without being too demanding on yourself.

The third phase is one of peak activity. You feel like you’re bursting with life. Anyone in a different energetic phase will have trouble keeping up with you and you might feel held back by others who can’t keep up with your cracking pace. It’s during this phase that you’ll be gunning for your personal best, and if you’ve prepared properly by working up to this point gradually then you’ll be primed for success. During this time, you’ll be expending lots of energy in all kinds of activity, and needing to maintain high clean fuel levels to sustain this performance. This energetic phase will be emotionally exciting, and you are more likely to be brimming with confidence and joy. For those who love achievement and activity generally, it can be hard to let go of this phase. But let go we must, as this level of energy is unsustainable beyond its natural time.

People who have lots of caffeine and sugar in their diet on a regular basis, will find that their ability to sense shifts in energy are impeded. Of course, it goes without saying that if you feel the need to take stimulants to perform, then you are not operating according to your natural energetic state. It can take time to come off these things, but when you do you will find your ability to sense your real energetic state is greatly enhanced. You will be aware of feeling tired and relaxed regularly as is natural. When you are active, you will sense that your are operating from your stored energy rather than artificial stimulation.

The next phase, is characterised by a drop in energy level which is a sign that it is time to start slowing down and actually prepare for a period of rest and recharging.

It is crucial to remember that everyone has their own energetic timing, and living in a busy urban culture can often make it harder for people to listen and respond appropriately to their own energetic, physical, and emotional needs.

With practice though you can develop your energetic awareness and this will be enhanced by a healthy diet, and a flexible approach to life generally. You can still have routines, but the routine must be appropriate to where you are on your own energetic cycle, otherwise you will find it’s like fitting a square peg into a round hole. You may eventually succeed, but you’ll probably cause a lot of damage to the peg and the hole in the process! The trick is to adapt to nature, rather than fight it. Remember, this is Nature’s gig. If you don’t play by the rules you’re going to be penalised and you will experience this as a decline in your overall health & well-being. What this boils down to is paying greater attention to the moment. Appreciate and accept your energy as it is now, rather than fighting it by trying to do too much, or not making good use of the high energy levels when they are present.


2 thoughts on “Cultivate your Energetic Awareness

  1. Your post is so apt as it’s the 1st season where many people can go outside and have that as part of their daily living. Being a drinker of caffeinated beverages I can relate to the potential desensitization of energy shifts.

    The benefit of finding your energetic timing is apparent and this “busy urban culture” definitely doesn’t help. Many times we are pressing ourselves to perform in business, our jobs, our volunteer activities, as well as our recreation and miss out on developing our energy awareness.

    • Hello James, I haven’t come across anyone else with the same name before! Thanks for your comments. Cutting down on coffee, sugar, and alcohol makes a very big difference indeed. It can take a little time though because our bodies become used to these uppers and downers. It’s only when we stop interferring with our brains like this that we can start to actually be aware of and experience how we actually feel. My wife and I started drinking decaf last year. As coffee lovers this was a big step. Good decaf is processed without chemicals using the “swiss water” process. Ordinary decaf is quite toxic. Best wishes.

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