Love and the Heart of the Universe

Love is the most extraordinary experience – that sense of connection with another, at the deepest, most powerful level.

During moments of awareness we love as deeply as we can – it feels total.

And still, even when we love someone deeply, we can still be surprised as new levels of love open up to us. We ask ourselves is it possible to love even more than this? How can love that is already complete be even greater?

My feeling, is that it is through love that we can feel the infinite nature of the universe. Only in our minds, with our senses do limits exist. Though love is often born through our senses, love itself challenges what our other senses tell us, surprising us in the most exciting and joyous ways with the revelation of depth beyond our wildest dreams – an infinite field of experience. In this way love is the essence of the universe – all powerful and unknowable, binding us and making us free.


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