Awakening to Unlimited Wealth and Power in the Present

Everywhere you look now we hear news of companies failing, people losing their pensions, their jobs, and their homes. We are living through a major economic downturn.

At the micro level, or the level of our day to day life, we also experience these down times. As time goes by though, I’ve started to recognise the value of these periods. It is these challenging times which offer us the most opportunities for real growth – that is for actually building upon and stregthening the foundations of our existance. It’s these times when our capacity and heart to live in accordance with our most deeply held values is really tested.

Opportunities to learn and discover…

Each moment offers us opportunities to learn, and to become more awake to the nature of the present. Developing presence in challenging times requires us to focus on the moment, not letting our fears and desires take us out of the demands of now. Only learning to be truly present are we able to act with efficiency, grace and power to move into the next period of growth and transformation.

Opportunities to give…

If we respond with fear, as many do, the natural response is to close off to those around us. Just as countries start protecting local interests at the expense of decades of effort to break down trade barriers, some people start believing that they don’t have enough and become less supportive and generous to those in need. There are others who remain true to their beliefs and who continue to look out for others. These people know that it is these times, much more than times of outward prosperity, when giving is the most powerful act. Giving sends a clear message to your spirit that acknowledges the transience of external lack. It creates powerful positive energy, filling the present moment with faith, love, and an acknowledgement of abundance that defines the essence of the present moment.

Opportunities to grow…

And amidst these are a few that see real chances for growth and prosperity where other see only doom and gloom. Sometimes this optimism is gained through experience of getting through difficulty before. Many businesses fail, but many begin because of those who recognise the fact that these times also create new demand. Services have to be adapted to meet the damands of society as it changes.

So, today, be present. When you start to feel stressed or fearful, bring your thoughts back to the moment. Take account of all the blessings in your life, all of them. Feel your heart fill with a sense of your deep abundance and power. With this power, open your eyes and be present and alert, ready to respond to the needs of the moment knowing that we are all connected to a deeper wealth, power, and beauty that we can possibly ever imagine. Being present and awake to this reality is the first step to being a vessel for the creative forces of the universe to work through you.

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