Resilience and the Human Spirit

Morning mist at Arthur's Creek

Morning mist at Arthur's Creek

If you’ve been following the stories about the fires you would have started to see something great. Several whole communities have been leveled, but the residents of these towns are vowing to rebuild, as are the State and Federal governments.

Of course, there are some that will not return, and for good reason. For many, the prospect of starting again will be very painful or just require too much work. The idea of moving back into streets where family or neighbors have been lost will be too difficult to contemplate. Some will want to use this as an opportunity to embrace change. However, amongst the accounts that I have heard, these people are actually the exception rather than the rule.

In my last entry I spoke of the preciousness of life. In these stories, though what we are hearing are the voices of determination and resilience in the face of defeat. At its deepest level this springs from an unconscious knowing and a realization of the true indestructible core of existence.

Once again, we are given the most wonderful opportunity to learn from these people and the enormous events that have threaten to overwhelm not just the physical structures of our communities, but the very spirit that dwells within them. We can take solace in their spirit and courage, and the ownership of so many that have lost. In the streets and the papers, many are looking for people to blame, looking for individuals to vent feelings of anger and helplessness on. And yet I have heard survivors saying with absolute determination – “I am blaming no one, we chose to live in this place, and we accept the risk that this presents.” I have such admiration for these people, and gratitude for the lessons they are sharing with us all. This is the voice of power and love. Thank you!


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