The Suffering of Others (Cont’d)

The scale of the devastation wrought by the fires continues to mount. There is immense sadness evident everywhere. Walking past people in the street I overhear people sharing stories with each other. This is a city in shock.

It is incredibly difficult to see beyond the smoke and the ashes. But we must.

Like, finding diamonds twinkling amidst rubble, through this I feel more accutely than normal how precious and delicate life really is – all life. In a few minutes whole families have been lost, and whole towns. We seldom really appreciate how precious this existance is until faced with times like this.

You know, only last week I was thinking about death; thinking whether I had experienced and learned what I needed to for my life’s journey. After a few moments of doubt, in my arrogance and pride I comforted myself by thinking that I had learned. Part of me probably thought that this type of acknowldgement might even effect the experiences I am confronted with.

As soon as you think you’ve learned something though, life will come along with the biggest test. This is the way I see it anyway. Life is asking you – Have you really learned?

You see, over the last few years deaths I have consciously and unconsciously found myself learning from death. First there was the wake-up call for my own life. Then recently with the death of a close friend’s mother, I thought about the loss of those nearest to me – what there death would mean to me, and how mine would effect them. But this is different. I don’t believe I know personally any of the individuals who have died, but I recognize the preciousness of each and every one of their lives as if they were old friends. And even more than that, my mind turns to the living, and is filled with even more love for life itself.  Only in this way, can I move beyond the pain and suffering, to dwell on something that transcends all of this.

Of course, we will take from the experiences whatever is appropriate for us in our lives know. What I am sharing with you is just my personal learning. I would love to hear from you and for you to share with me what you are learning from this experience.


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