Prosperity, Abundance, & Gratitude.


Mossy branch at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.

Awaken to the abundance that surrounds us always!

Every day now we hear of thousands of people losing their jobs all over the world. Even banks are being bailed out by governments. Many who once had great wealth have seen its collapse in a matter of weeks. Corporations, once rich and powerful are closing their doors, or laying-off hundreds and thousands of workers. You may have experienced this directly, or you might know others who have recently experienced the brunt of this economic turmoil.

In a very short time, we have gone from a state of wealth and prosperity to one of lack and poverty. In truth, both states are natural phases of the life of any system; phases of growth and decay. Our challenge is to live with this change, so as to make the best use of times of growth and to reduce the suffering it causes when the current form reaches its end.

Behind this it is important to realise that there is never any change in the total energy that exists in the world. Energy only changes form, but it does so constantly. In this sense, abundance is a constant state if we look behind the level of crude and temporary things like money. How does this help me, you ask? It’s a question of focus and belief. Believing in the lack of things is a great way of ensuring that you experience this lack in all levels of your life.

Telling yourself how little you have, how few friends you have, how few opportunities there are, will negatively effect the way you experience the world. On the other hand, people who are deeply grateful for what they have and recognise the abundance in their lives become open to experiencing this at higher levels.

I used to frequently inhabit this negative mindset, always focusing on what I was without – whether it was money, a partner, a nice home, skills, and knowledge. With this mind, I could also look into my mind as well and see what I had missed out on as a kid, seeing instead the opportunities that other had that I did not. Thankfully these periods did not last too long, but they were regular enough to create blockages and pain.

The amazing thing was that this was so far from the truth. Here was I, living in a peaceful prosperous society. I could drink the water out of the tap without becoming sick. I could see a doctor even if I had no money. I had family who cared for me and loved me. I had access to world-class education which I did not have to pay for. I was able to earn a wage as a cleaner to support myself. I had a lovely home, and lived with great people, and had numerous friends who I enjoyed life with, and I had so much more than that.

Now I ask you, which picture of life is more likely to support and sustain me in my life, and in my wish to grow? It’s obvious is it not? And yet, at times, we play tricks on ourselves too, believing that if we focus on what we have then we won’t have more. But you see, this too comes from the same poverty mind.

If you are experiencing a period of difficulty at the moment, take some time to sit down an write an inventory of everything you have. I challenge you to be as comprehensive as possible. Include everything from material things, to skills and knowledge, and experience. Think of all the people who have helped you, each one, and those who have loved you. Think of the challenging experiences you have had, and the learning opportunities you have been blessed with. Think of all the times you have acted with generosity or courage. If you are struggling with this ask yourself this one question: “What and Who am I taking for granted right now?” or  “What can I be more grateful for in my life?”

If you do this, the way in which you see your life will change quickly. You will need to be diligent about this. It is very easy to slip back into negative thinking, especially when there is so much of it all around. Each morning, for example, while getting ready for the day you could ask yourself: “What am I grateful for today?” or “What abundance do I want to acknowledge?”

Learning to recognise the abundance that fills our lives will enable you to find peace, gratitude and joy in this moment, and to transform the seemingly barren soil of life into a splendid field of fertility.

As always, I eagerly invite you to share your own stories with me, or if you are having difficulty changing your focus just send me a line and I will do all I can to assist you in opening up this resource that lies with you.

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