Patience, Knowledge, Faith

Change can and does often happen in an instant. I am referring to deep internal change, that which arises from the onset of growing awareness. You can feel change in your body. The breath deepens, and the muscles relax. You can hear it in the voice as well. This is your true voice; free, natural, and flowing.

The effects of this internal change manifest themselves as soon as you begin to act from this new place of awareness. You interact with people on a more direct and open level. You communicate with clarity, purpose, and certainty. This is immediate.

Further levels of manifestation may (they don’t have to) take longer. What you have done is started a new process. Sometimes, these processes take time to work. This is where patience comes in.

Let’s get something straight here. When you make changes within yourself you have every right to expect change. In this new empowered state, you are interacting with the world in an entirely different manner. How could you possibly get the same results as before.

Even stronger than the expectation of change is the knowledge, and faith that it is happening and that it will continue to happen. With knowledge and faith you continue to live with this new awareness of yourself, your interactions deepen and the connections you make broaden.

Faith and knowledge create the space needed for the beauty of gratitude to fill your heart and being. You are grateful for the change you are experiencing and the fruits that transformation is providing for you now, and into the future.

It is impossible to put into words how powerful faith, knowledge, and gratitude are. Now when I use the word ‘faith’ I am not referring to some feeling of confidence in something outside of myself, or yourself. Faith is earned through our own effort and awareness. My faith in myself is purely based on my own experience of myself. It is not about the ego. It is not faith in me, in a traditional separatist sense. Rather it arises and dwells in that place beyond identify, beyond knowledge, at the core of existance which is the basis of all being and non being. Faith is beyond knowing, it is beyond thought and reason, though both play a role on the path to finding faith in your own self and in the self that is at one with the universe.

It is in this faith that the deepest love resides. It is in this faith that we experience wealth beyond anything this world can hold. And it is in this faith, that all illusions of time and suffering dissapear.

Are you beginning to see where patience fits in? If you have already turned the corner, if you have already begun the transformation just decide to be patient. Decide now.


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