On Giving and Generosity

Giving is a gift in itself. We experience being truly generous when we give freely and openly without wanting or expecting a return from the subject of our generosity. In giving we are contributing directly to the value that exists in our community and our world. Knowing this gives me great satisfaction.

Giving does not have to be grand or public. In fact, it best done as a private act. There is nothing wrong with giving in public but if you only give for recognition then the act loses it’s true power.

True generosity cannot be measured in simple values. It is not always a question of how many millions are donated. The power of giving blossoms when the giver provides something that is truly needed by the other, whether that is time, encouragement, or any other resources. For this reason, it is foolish to value gifts in monetary terms.

True generosity also calls on us to extend ourselves. We can be caught up in the rush of our own lives, feeling like we have no time. Frequently in these times we will be asked for help. How do you usually respond? Do you usually say, “sorry, I’m too busy” or “maybe later.” In such moments, we are being called on to recognise the needs of another human being. These are valuable moments because we are given choices. Do we choose to stop for a minute and lend a hand? When we’re short on cash, and someone asks you for a assistance what do you do?

Generosity is an indication of our inner wealth

The poor person is not the one who asks for a couple of dollars. The poor person is the one who has money in their pocket but believes they can’t spare a single dollar. The poor person is the one who constantly believes they have no time to give.

If you want to cultivate wealth and prosperity in your own life, start looking for and becoming aware of these opportunities to enrich the lives of others. Every time you realise that you have time, or you have money, or you can provide something which someone else needs, you will start to awaken to your own prosperity.


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