Indulge your Friends

Your friends are more precious than the most perfect gems. The quality of the friends you keep is a powerful reflection of the gifs you bring to the world. Our friends remind us that we are not alone. They remind us that we are all part of the same universal field. This is what is so amazing about our great friends – they let us experience through connection, the oneness that unites everything and everybody.

It can be easy, when we are caught up in our lives to take our friendships for granted. When you see each other it feels like no real time has passed. This is another truth that we experience through this bond. It is also a good thing to indulge our friends, and those we love. I don’t mean this in the material sense, though the giving of gifts can be a great expression as well. Indulgence can be powerful and most creative when it is based on pure love, and inspired by a grateful heart. Indulgence, like other forms of giving, is not practised with an eye on the balance books. It must be based on the pure desire for your friend’s happiness and peace.


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