Change your Beliefs, Change your Life

Look around you. Take a good look. Look at the quality of your relationships. Look at the results you are getting at work. Look at the state of your home. Your life as it is now is a direct reflection, or product, of your beliefs.

You see, what you believe about the world and your place in it, what you can and can not achieve, directly influences what you receive. Changing your life, getting different results, requires changing your beliefs.
This sounds a bit strange at first.

I used to believe two things about the world. First, that the world was full of conflict and that conflict often was the result of communication. Second, that what I communicated had no effect, no influence. These were beliefs that I created as a child based on what I experienced directly, or what I witnessed in the world around me. Because I hated conflict and seeing people in pain, I lived by avoiding communication and, therefore, conflict. Because I believed my communication had no influence I lost confidence in my words, I began to mumble and stutter. According to the belief in operation this made perfect sense because my words didn’t really matter. My handwriting was also illegible except to the most expert of my teachers. To this day, I wonder at their skill in deciphering my work.

To some of you who know me, some of this may sound surprising. In my years as an academic I have had many opportunities to speak publicly, and to publicise my work. Only a small fraction of these was I able to take. On most occasions I felt paralyzed, wanting to speak, with words on the verge of spilling out of my mouth. On one occasion I was invited to attend an international diplomatic meeting concerning limiting the spread of nuclear weapons technology. This was a chance in a life time to communicate with officials who are at the front line. It’s impossible to describe how frustrating it was to be in this situation and feel as if I had been gagged. And I had been gagged, but not by anyone there, purely by myself. That said, whenever I felt the gag loosen, I would have my say, but this was only in one-to-one interaction. It was only on the final day, during a hypothetical scenario we were involved in I determined to be the spokesman for our group. This was my stretch. But there was still a long way to go. At the time I had no idea what was getting in the way. Non at all, and I was thus powerless to change my behaviour.

You know the great thing about beliefs? They are not fixed in stone. I am not my beliefs, you are not your beliefs. Beliefs are made up. It’s as simple as that. I determined that the beliefs I had been living by were holding me back big time, and I decided to let go of those old limiting beliefs and take on new ones that would actually support and serve me in achieving my goals, and in creating the life I desire for myself, my family and my community. As soon as I did that, I began seeing more and more opportunities to communicate with people on a range of areas that I am passionate about, from coaching and personal development, to fine arts and strategy. Now I look forward to every chance I can get to deliver my message, and I also respect even more those who have the courage and passion to deliver theirs.

So you have started to look around you? What are you not happy with? It might be as straightforward as your bank balance or health. These are basic but important. Yes? What beliefs or thoughts are you currently living with that support your efforts to become financially independent and prosperous? What beliefs or thoughts are you living with that support your desire to live a healthy lifestyle? Similarly, what beliefs are not supporting and sustaining you in these areas?

If it sounds simple, it is because it actually is simple. Do not make this more complicated than it needs to be.
Change your beliefs. Change your life.

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Change your Beliefs, Change your Life

  1. “You know the great thing about beliefs? They are not fixed in stone.”

    Damn true. And now I’m in the midst of changing them. It issn’t easy, but I gotta start somewhere.

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