Making Powerful New Year’s Resolutions

So a New Year has begun, or is just about to depending where you are.

Have you made some resolutions? Are they fun or serious? Is it something you have tried doing before?

Most people make all kinds of great resolutions with the optimistic spirit of celebration in the air. But few carry through. A resolution, done properly, can be powerful – but it is up to you to invest power in it. Saying you’re going to drop back to your preferred weight, or that you are going to learn that language won’t make it so. So here are a few tips which you can use to turn today’s resolutions into achievements which can can celebrate at the end of the year.

1. Make sure it is something you are able to control. You can resolve to enter politics, but you can’t determine to be voted into office.

2. Make sure it is something that has great meaning to you. This is not as obvious as it sounds. Many NYE resolutions are based on wanting to conform with an image of what we think we ought to be like. However, if your goal has meaning for you, it will generate from a deep place internally; a place of love and passion – a place of power and freedom. Say, if you want to get to your ideal weight again – focus on this from a place of love for who you are now – not just who you want to become.

3. Make sure it is something that you can measure. How will you know when you have reached your target? What difference will you and everyone else be able to recognise? Rather than saying “I’m going to learn Spanish” you might resolve to take weekly lessons at the local language school. If it’s about weight, then rather than focusing on dropping pounds, you might decide to return to your optimal body mass composition. If you do weights, you will get heavier as you put on muscle, so it’s really about the amount of fat you are carrying, and the health of your heart.

4. Make sure it is something you can act on almost immediately. Decisions can easily become preferences or less over time, so determine to act NOW. With the dawn of New Year’s Day, start to take action, small steps which will send you on your own way. Each step you take will increase your resolve and take you closer to achievement. Some first steps might include – make a plan; talk to contacts whose opinion you respect about what you want to do; start gathering your leads – web sites, phone numbers etc. When the holidays end you’ll be primed for action!

5. Make sure you support your efforts by aligning your values with your resolutions. If you want to become healthier, but health is not in your top 5 values, odds are you’re not going to get that far. The great thing is that you and only you can decide what your values are and what it means for you to live in agreement with them. If you want some help working out what your values are, let me know and I’ll share some simple strategies with you.

Just to start you off though, when we talk about values we are talking about how important something is in your life. As your life changes, so do your values. For example my top values are Health, love and connection, creativity, contribution, and learning. I have chosen these to support and nurture my life at this present stage. Going forward into the New Year, what needs to be given more importance in your life?


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