Recognise your Efforts

Acknowledgement of effort is a powerful gift. When you recognise effort you are allowing it to come into its full presence. You are giving the doer what they are due. Without recognition we become blind to achievement and are likely to remain in all kinds of suffering. Recognising what others have also done is a recognition of their power and gifts. It can also create more space for you, especially if the other is taking on responsibility for new aspects of their life. Without acknowledgement of this people are likely to repeat each other’s efforts needlessly. This might not actually result in the doing of some task on multiple occasions. It might just mean that worry about some task when it is unnecessary to do so.

Acknowledgement is a powerful recognition of the now. To acknowledge properly it is necessary to let go of what we think we know about someone or some situation. Many find this difficult. Don’t make it harder than it is. Just decide to acknowledge effort. Decide now.

Communication of this feeling to those involved is essential. This can be difficult, especially if it is someone you don’t get along with normally. We find it easier to believe that the old situation we were unhappy with is still the status quo, even when that only exists in our minds, and the actual situation has moved on before us. Acknowledge is about living in waking up to what is real now, and about letting go of what we believe is real. It is the creation of agreement between what you know and reality itself. You can also choose not to acknowledge something, anything you like. But this does not change the fact of its presence. Just because you don’t acknowledge the efforts of the person in front of you, or your own efforts, does not mean that those efforts aren’t real.

Can you see the shift in mind here? When you acknowledge something or someone you move from a state of believing to a state of knowing. Which is more powerful? Look at any object in front of you, any one. Now, do you believe it is there, or do you know it is there? It’s a powerful distinction. We’ll return to this quite frequently over time. Don’t get hung up on the distinction now. If it works for you, then that’s great. If not, then move along. This works for me.

One of the most difficult things for some people is the recognition of their own efforts. I’m sure you’ve come across this in other people but maybe also yourself.

If you find acknowledgement or praise difficult, why is that? Are you holding on to what you believe is true about that person, or yourself? How is this belief benefiting you right now? Is this belief stopping you from accepting and enjoying the moment? Is this belief stopping you from loving completely? If this belief is stopping you from loving fully what is this costing you? What is it costing your relationships – with yourself, your family, friends, colleagues, enemies?

In your journal, each day list your achievements and list those that stand out to you of those around you. What progress is your partner making that they deserve recognition for – write it down, and even tell them how great their progress is. Also make the effort to give credit to those people who you don’t necessarily like, but who are making progress. Have the courage to see change when it is happening. Let go of the need to harbour old feelings of resentment, hate, and discord.

What have you done this week that you need to give yourself credit for? What has someone close to you done which they deserve credit for? Has someone near to you, even someone you don’t like, done something worthy of praise?

What can you do today, this week, to acknowledge these efforts? How do you think you will feel doing this? How will those receiving praise feel? How will this make you feel?


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